Friday, 21 December 2018

Mattis resigns. So should Trump.

Let's forget about whether Trump is senile, clueless or a Manchurian candidate (and these are the only choices). The motive is no longer the point, but the effect for all those of us living at the edges of the US security arrangement. One can only imagine that Erdogan, Putin and Xi are gleeful at the sheer speed with which the US administration is becoming unable to function and ceding power. Were Greece to suffer an attack, one wonders whether the US now even has the decision-making power to come to its aid. This is a big additional step to being worried about the fall of democracy in the free world. One can only hope for impeachment, but this would be bloody and divisive, and the RP would not be healed by the departure of one man. For the foreseeable future, therefore, Europe is on its own. France, Britain and Greece, the only countries with serious defence capabilities, need now to start forming a European army with its own command and control structures. 

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