Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Poll shows Greek support for euro still high

Half of Greek society thinks the country is worse off today than it was when the leftwing Syriza won the election in January, but two thirds predict that the government's standoff with creditors will end in agreement.

Large majorities of Greeks still supporting membership of the Eurozone (70 percent) and the government's confrontational approach with creditors (54 percent).

The figures come from a GPO poll for Mega Channel, based on interviews conducted over the weekend.

Fifty-six percent of Greeks blame the current impasse on creditors. A majority of 70 percent rejects the pro-austerity and anti-austerity division of political parties that has driven the political debate for half a decade. Both figures suggest that Greeks are slowly moving on from the central question of whether governments should do as they are told by outsiders, and towards the idea that governments should form their own plan for how to deal with the crisis and do what must be done.

Greece's talks with its creditors, the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund, has become more confrontational under Syriza.

A text circulated by Alternate Foreign Minister for International Economic Relations reads as follows: "The Greek government has been struggling and will continue to struggle for a fair compromise. It is up to our European partners to decide whether, after six years of recession, the priority should be a strong reform programme to counter tax evasion, the power of the elites and the failings of the Greek public administration or yet more recessionary measures, yet more cuts in pensions and real wages. It is also time for a decision on whether Europe can encompass a government and people that have set social and economic priorities somewhat different [sic] from the mainstream. It is thus time to see whether pluralism, fairness and democracy are still European values worth preserving." 

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