Sunday, 13 May 2012

Opinion polls confirmed

A new opinion poll in today's Vima confirms for the third time in a week that radical left Syriza would come out on top in a repeat election, claiming 20.5% of the popular vote. Conservative New Democracy comes second with 18.1%, socialists Pasok third with 12.2%, and the others more or less in the same order again. The far right Golden Dawn makes it in again, according to all three polls.

  • 72% of Greeks believe the parties should make concessions to each other and form a government, while 23% believe Greece should have repeat elections
  • 78% want Greece to stay in the euro, while 12% want a return to the drachma
  • In answer to the question "which of the parties elected to parliament would you like to see participating in the government?" the top two are (radical) Syriza and (moderate) Democratic Left, so it seems absolutely correct for conservatives and socialists not to try and build a government that skirts around them
  • Asked whether they find Syriza's proposal realistic, 35% say quite realistic or very, while 62% say a little or not at all, which suggests that while the great majority don't believe Syriza can implement what they say, it still wants them in to hopefully change things in the right direction, even if it doesn't go all the way. 

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