Monday, 17 May 2010


Some recent commentaries on the Greek and broader European crisis worth noting:

Economist: No going back - Ambitious but incomplete, the rescue plan for the euro could change the way Europe is run

Der Spiegel: The Mother of All Bubbles - Huge National Debts Could Push Euro Zone into Bankruptcy


  1. That is what worries me. I am relatively confident, however, that Europe and Greece herself, can pull through. I keep thinking, if the USA can pull through, herself, with all our politicians, too, behaving as they do, then so can Europe, that is, Euro-land. If the USA can afford to keep Louisiana and Mississippi, then, surely Europe can hold onto the nations with scant natural resources. It is not a question of those without natural resources being inferior, after all. Who wants to be Alaskan, notwithstanding their large sovereign fund?

  2. I think the pity here is that rather than be Europe's Mississippi or Alabama, Greece could have been Europe's Florida - in the good sense. Greece is not without natural resources. It is a land with extraordinary beauty, renewable energy potential and human ingenuity. It gets in its own way. Greece's politicians are no less adept at expressing all that is worst in the Greek psyche than American ones.

  3. Yes, I meant that Europe is not Europe but for Greece, but most of Greece's riches are not things on the stock market. Greece has to buy things like oil and natural gas. Louisiana, not nearly so brilliant, where I live also gets in its own way. Greece is much more than Europe's Florida.


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