Friday, 7 May 2010


"Burn your neighbourhood bank," reads a graffito on the glass front of Marfin Popular Bank on Stadiou Avenue in central Athens. The photo, taken by photographer Marie Mauzy around noon on Wednesday, approximately two hours before the bank was torched, clearly demonstrates that words are linked to deeds. The anarchists who burned this branch, like vampires, were invited. Below, the same window as photographed yesterday.


  1. It gives me chills reading that... Agony and hatred at the same time. I wish these people found and punished but that will never happen. Anarchism has no place in a modern society. When it gets out of control, is nothing more than death and destruction. That happened 2 days ago and it will happen again.

  2. The likelihood that corruption in Greece can be significantly reduced in a short period of time is problematic. Yet it is the least painful solution, in my view, to solving the present crisis while inflicting the least amount of pain to the Greek citizens, particularly the lower and middle income sectors. It is also the most important long-term solution from an ethical and moral perspective. Perhaps spiritual enlightenment, long missing in the Church, can be revived.

    Dimitrios Boviatsis


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