Monday, 29 March 2010

Athens explosion kills one

An explosion in Athens has resulted in the death of a man and is being investigated as a possible terrorist attack. Police say the explosion is almost certainly the result of a bomb rather than an accident. Their main lead is the body of the dead man, who is dismembered from the waist up and whose facial features are indistinguishable. Police believe he may have been carrying the bomb or been an unlucky passer by. Injured in the attack were a mother and her ten year-old daughter, both allegedly of Afghan origin. Police say their lives are not in danger. The explosion took place outside a government building, although it's not known if that was intentional. The area is heavily populated by immigrants from south Asia and Africa. There was no warning via telephone. A warning is standard practice for terrorist organisations in Greece. The last terrorism-related death in Greece was that of British Brigadier Stephen Saunders at the hands of 17 November in July 2000.

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