Friday, 22 January 2010

Worth reading today

Greece will fix itself from inside the eurozone
Comment in the Financial Times by Bank of Greece Governor Yiorgos Provopoulos.
"The problems faced by the Greek economy are extremely serious. However, the key question is whether it will be easier to solve them from inside or outside the eurozone. My answer is that it will be unequivocally easier to solve these problems from within the euro area."

No more money for farmers
Speaking in parliament yesterday, Greek Prime Minister Yiorgos Papandreou told farmers that he cannot give them a new handout. Instead, he will include farming in a government scheme for SMEs and raise farmers' pensions by 30 euros a month to reach 550 euros by the end of his term. And he says he will reform farming, but prime ministers have been saying that for at least a decade.
Healthcare fallout from the loss of Massachussetts
After losing Ted Kennedy's senate seat to a Republican, Democrats are preparing to downwardly revise the scope of their healthcare bill, according to the NYT.
This week's Economist/YouGov poll finds correlation between opposition to the health care bill and support for Republican challengers in 11 states facing tight Democratic races. But the poll's analysis is that the health care debate's damage is done, and that the Democrats have scope to improve their standing only by improving the job market.

Diamantouros wins third term as EU ombudsman
Nikiforos Diamantouros served as the first Greek ombudsman and was elevated to the European position on 1 April 2003.

Independent asylum authority in Greece
Prime Minister Yiorgos Papandreou announced on January 19 that he would separate asylum processing from other immigration management, currently held by the police. Greece has come under severe criticism from the EU, UN and Amnesty International for its extremely low level of asylum approvals.

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