Thursday, 21 January 2010

Worth reading today

Democrats Reel at Bay Staters' Verdict
Comment on the Financial Times about the loss of Ted Kennedy's seat to Republican Scott Brown.
"Even the most punch-drunk Democrats can ask what a repudiation of their party repeated on this scale across the nation would mean. The answer is a rout."

Commission finds 'tens of billions' in hidden Greek national debt
Story in Kathimerini on a confidential European Commission report on Greece's public finances, in partnership with non-state agencies.

From Monday:
UK universities try to outflank Greek regulations
Ta Nea story about how UK universities are embedding a Diploma Supplement in their degrees to try and ensure that their graduates do not face doubts about the equivalence of their qualifications.


  1. Can the EU article be found in English? Its not in the English language edition of the Kathimerini.

  2. I haven't found it so far. It's a leaked document and a Kathimerini exclsuive. But I shall post it if I do.


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